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Some stories ...

... are too wonderful to keep hidden!

Some stories ...

... change the world!

Rwandan HUGS, Nancy Strachan, on one of her missionary journeys to Rwanda.
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Some stories ...

... are yours to tell!

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King's Court Productions

Telling your stories, since 2004

Our goal is to provide affordable website design and website services, visual graphic solutions and presentations for small businesses and organizations interested in utilizing the Internet to promote growth through better communication.

Most of us have great stories that are never told. Stories of great people, great days, great struggles and great triumphs. Let us help you tell your story. We specialize in assisting 501(c)(3) and not-for-profit organizations in establishing a web presence.

Affordable website design & development, fully responsive html5, css3, WordPress, jquery, flash animation, domain registration & hosting, re-modeling & updates, site & e-mail set-up, maintenance, custom graphic design, on-site photography (in the greater Hampton Roads area), icon development, forums, newsletter set-up with rss feed, and PowerPoint/Keynote presentations. Full social network integration. Network with facebook, twitter, instagram, blogger, wordpress, pinterest, tumblr, flickr, linkedin, youtube, google+, reddit and more.

The Process

Write it down and make it plain, so that it can be read at a glance.

Let's refine your story, so that others can richly experience it.

Keep your story fresh and lively.

You will be able to easily update your story and add new chapters.

Go, tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere!

Let's broadcast your story to the world, or target a specific audience.



Promote your event details.

Make it easy for everyone to always find you with your own .com, .org, etc. Sharing onto facebook, could not be any easier.

Social networks are great for sharing, but sometimes, even your friends can't find your post. With your own domain, you can utilize the best of both.

Rwandan HUGS Nancy Strachan missionary to Rwanda


Make it easy for funds to find you.

Tell your story and allow others to get in on the work that you are doing.

Let's get you set up to receive credit card and PayPal payments over the internet, and use social networking to get the word out.

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Still sending your Newsletter as an email?

Upgrade to RSS and you no longer have to manually manage your subscribers and it won't be sent to the SPAM folder.

You just post the newsletter, and it delivers itself.



Make your brand known.

Let's set up your own "" email.

Create stability by using job titles as emails "", so that your clients can still find you after you make personnel changes.